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INES-UNAM Meeting: "SCIENCE; PEACE AND SUSTAINABILITY". Mexico City-Oaxtepec, 29/II-3/III 2008

INES-UNAM Meeting: "SCIENCE; PEACE AND SUSTAINABILITY". Mexico City-Oaxtepec, 29/II-3/III 2008
The International Network of Engineers and Scientists (INES) is an independent non-profit-organisation, founded in Berlin in 1991, which is interested in the impact of science and technology on our society. Through the meeting "Science, Peace and Sustainability", INES is seeking to facilitate contact among concerned scientists and researchers from Mexico and Latin America. This meeting will be held in the Campus of UNAM (Mexico City) and IMSS-Oaxtepec (Mor.).
The debate about science for sustainability and peace has been broad, international and trans-disciplinary so far, but still exhibits a number of blind spots . With this meeting, INES intends to reveal some of these blind spots .
This is a Preliminary Program for this Meeting

Friday 29th, 2008

(Place: Mexico City: National Library),
UNAM: National Autonomous University of Mexico)
Welcome (Opening) 16:00-17-30 hrs

Science, Peace and Sustainability
- an introduction to the audience to INES and UNAM by
David Krieger
- INES president-
Invited: Rector of UNAM, Dr. José Narro Robles.

Public lecture
Steps to World Citizenship
Sir Harry Kroto,
(Nobel Laureate in Chemistry, 1996)
Florida St. University
. Challenges for inevitable global and regional changes in society due to peace, science and technology developments. Scientists, Researchers and Technology Developers need to acquire global ethical considerations towards their research activities and their applications. The concept of World Citizenship is needed to face the consequences of such applications on some key inevitable changes in the way of life of modern societies and the environmental resources in the global and regional scales.
Views of Responsible Science
Dra. Elena Álvarez Buylla

18:00 hrs

Transfer to IMSS-Oaxtepec
(1hr bus drive)

Dinner: World Café
(socializing event)

Saturday 1st March, 2008

1st Day of Working groups.

9:30 hrs
Speakers: Reiner Braun (INES)-, A. Salazar (INES, UNAM, Mex)

10:00-14:00 hrs


I. Challenges and Globalization of Science and the role of Scientists
Chair: Jean Paul Lainé,

Participants: Raúl Montenegro, M. Fortes, M. Perelló


16:00-18:00 hrs

II. Nuclear Weapons, Militarization and violence: The persistent Threats to Human Security
Chair: R Braun,

Participants: David Krieger, J Scheffran

Sunday 2nd March, 2008

10:00-12:00 hrs

III. Environment, Global Warming and making of a more liveable World.
Participants: A. Martinez, O. Masera, E. Leff*

12:00-14:00 hrs

IV. New ecological and economical strategies: Building the paradigm Sustainability.
Participants: R. García-Barrios, R. Montenegro,

Discussion session

Latin America: a continent of immense social and political change;

What impulse can give to world's change the social and political changes in Latin America? We will be discussing the rise of alternatives for a social and ecological development, in contrast with the neo-liberal economical trend.
Participants-. Heinz Dietrich, Raúl Montenegro; V. Toledo*,
Chair: Reiner Braun

Monday 3rd March 2008
Transfer to Mexico City
11:00 hrs.
Faculty of Sciences. This would be the closing of this INES-UNAM meeting,
The main topic of the lecture can be along the lines:

A sustainable world of justice, without war:
a view from responsible scientists

Faculty of Sciences in the campus of the University, UNAM -Mexico City
Invited: Dr. Ramón Peralta-Fabi (Director of the Faculty of Sciences, UNAM)

This second public event will integrate the many ideas and discussions from the meetings in the previous days, and will set up a discourse, possibly a proposal coming from INES-UNAM community, or an announcement of a joint INES project in order to face some of the most crucial global changes.
It will be intended to address or engage some "policy makers", national and international media, and representatives of the society.

proposal of speakers: Jean Paul Lainé, Reiner Braun

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